Functional Obviousness

Upon first impression does the design speak to the user in a way that makes the product appealing and apparently easy to use?

Ease of Operation 

How easy is it to learn and actually do tasks in various applicable usage modes such as set up, normal usage, failure recovery, maintainability, portability, storability that occur during ownership?


How is this product unique compared to similar products?  How does usability and styling take advantage of product technology?

Concept Development

How was new user input created or past user data applied to influence the product or system concept?


How was user data generated or used for specifying design parameters or making design decisions?


What was done to assess usability of the product design and the need for improvement?  This could include iterative assessments made during the design process or feedback obtained in the market that could be used for subsequent versions of the product.  Be specific concerning testing methodology.

Submission Format

Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file and labeled with the product name (e.g., <Product Name>.pdf). The contents of the PDF file should be organized as follows: